i help brands

to tell their stories

on TV Ads & social medias

through films & photos


you set

the strategy


we write

together the story


i lead the creative team

to create the videos /photos 

the need

To be the leader in sports betting, Betclic needs quality content videos sharing the main values : Sport, Bet & Fun.

the answer

Build and drive a great team made of complementary talents
to create agile and creative contents : TV ads, Social media content, mobile acquisition videos. Here is an extract of my fabulous team’s work // Chris Richards, Guillaume Lavasserie, Jonas Desport, Esteban Bazar, Nicolas Sempere etc.

the need

LCL Bank is a key partner of the Tour de France.
For this event, It has a specific visual identity
& a lot of goodies to communicate on.

the answer

Let’s give life to the visual identity
and make it play with LCL’s goodies

the need

Every month, TAG Heuer launches 
new models of watch.

the answer

Present the watch in movement to apreciate new precious details, lights & shadows.

the need

How can Disney create a relation 
with it community engaging kids AND parents.

the answer

What if parents play with their kid’s toys
& share their imaginative narration on Disney Instagram account ?